Committed to the ESG agenda and socio-environmental responsibility

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Socio-environmental responsibility on a daily basis

Bree has the utmost commitment to sustainability in all fields. We work in a flexible way to boost socio-environmental responsibility on a daily basis.

A commitment to the ESG agenda (ESG standing for Environment, Social, and Governance) integrates our daily policies and practices.
  • Supplier management
  • Governance
  • Compliance
  • Environmental management (including the management of waste and greenhouse gases)
  • Safety and health management
  • Legal requisites
  • Training and qualification
  • Sustainability reports

Take a look at our sustainability reports

2021 annual report – Download PDF

About the industrial waste generated
at Bree, in average

  • 70% of the generated waste is recyclable (paper, plastic, metal)
  • 16% of all contaminated solid waste goes back for cement production
  • 10% is contaminated wastewater that also goes back for cement production
  • 4% are used mineral oils that go through a refining process and go back for mineral oil production

Other initiatives

  • First sustainability report issued, regarding 2021 data – based on the GRI
  • First carbon emission inventory issued, regarding 2021 data
  • Photovoltaic generation installed for the Quatro Barras plant
  • Zero single-use plastic policy
  • Participation in an open innovation program as a leading company in the ESG topic with BRDE Labs

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