Challenging established ideas is why we exist

We work for a different future by seeking security, efficiency, and quality in electrical systems.

One of the big challenges today is the search for new energy sources to feed the daily routines of people without weakening our planet. For that reason, our purpose is to optimize the world’s energy through new ideas and solutions to enable a sustainable future for companies, people, and the planet.

With over 35 years in the market, our company is a role model in energy quality in Brazil, with the nation’s best technology in reactive power compensation equipment and solutions.

We work on four fronts of energy quality: production of medium- and high-voltage capacitors, medium- and high-voltage reactors, reactive compensation solutions, and harmonic filtration. Bree is a 100% Brazilian company with its own plant and laboratory located in the Brazilian state of Paraná.

Our laboratory allows 100% of our equipment to be tested before it is sold, and our projects are customized to meet the actual needs of the electrical system in which they will be installed.

Bree equipment and services have been used in many applications in electrical systems. Look at what we can do for your business:

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To optimize the flow of electric power through solutions that are flexible for consumers and sustainable for the planet.
To be a role model in high-technology solutions and products for the electric power market and at the same time be a sustainable company engaged in environmental protection.
Ethics, empathy, flexibility, innovation, excellence, timeliness, agility, and transparency.

Bree Timeline

  • 1986 Operations started, Reactive Power Compensation plant purchased from Westinghouse
  • 1994 Capacitor and capacitor bank factory certified with ISO 9001
  • 2016 Bree (Brazilian Energy Efficiency) is founded, with a focus on energy quality and connection for renewable energy
  • 2018 The company moved to Quatro Barras, with its reactor factory consolidated
  • 2022 Plant consolidated for disconnect and grounding air break switches. ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certifications achieved

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